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Welcome to the Burley Idaho Real Estate website. Our goal here is to provide you with the most comprehensive and straightforward guide to purchasing or selling a home in Burley. We are here to provide you with all the latest information, tools and listings available to enable you to make the best the decisions.

Burley Idaho is located on I-84 and is a mid-point between Boise and Salt Lake City. It is located next to the Snake River and lies in the shadow of the surrounding mountains. In the summer Burley is the perfect place for water enthusiasts and outdoor enthusiasts in general. The Snake River provides plenty of space for boaters looking to go fishing, skiing or just escape, and the nearby mountains are full of intense biking and hiking trails. There are also many beautiful mountain lakes, as well as different hidden hot springs awaiting you.

Located just a short drive away, ┬áthe City of Rocks is a popular climbing area, and boasts some of the best natural, as well as bolted climbs the country has to offer. Burley also was a crossroads for different pioneer trails such as the Oregon and California trails, and in the City of Rocks you can find engravings from their wagon wheels, as well as carved names and dates left behind. In addition to amazing rock climbing and hiking, Burley is located next to Pomerelle ski resort. Pomerelle is a beautiful resort that especially caters to families and those learning to ski and board. With an average snowfall of 500″ each year, it is one of the first ski resorts to open and one of the last to close. Pomerelle also operates during the summer and offers chairlift rides, mountain biking, hiking, picnics and horseshoes.

The Burley area has traditionally been agriculturally based, and is still home to many farmers and agricultural businesses. However, in recent years the city has taken steps to expand and has turned itself into a very business friendly city as well. There are many small businesses and entrepreneurs that are starting businesses and adding lots of value to the city. In addition, Burley has pushed lately for the expansion of their base economy of agriculture into other areas such as: ethanol production, manufacturing, transportation, and value added agriculture products. Located on I-84, Burley is the perfect midpoint between Boise and Salt Lake City, Denver, and Portland or Seattle. With so much growth in the business sector, as well as continued growth in residential areas, there has never been a better time to check out buying real estate in the Burley area than right now.

Real Estate in Burley ID is ready for you! The population in 2010 was 10,345 and is the perfect small town for you and your family. The city is around 2 hours from Boise, and around an hour and a half from the Utah border. The city has around 3,000 households, and around 2,300 families. 40% of families in Burley have children which means that it’s a great place to move if you have children! Schools in the area area also very good. The median income of the town was $28,000. The city has hot, dry summers and mild to cold winters. The average price of homes in the area is $35,000, meaning Homes for Sale in Burley are very affordable. Let us help you find your next home today!